Belleau Wood

In 1918 a wounded US Marine and his nurse fall for each other, enraging her jealous admirer. Falsely accused of desertion and espionage, he struggles against a military system that want to execute him. 


A 'Bollywood' version of  Belleau Wood, with this being about an Indian Sepoy fighting for the Empire in 1918 Palestine.

The Sword of Calais

1536, Jean Rombaud is commissioned to execute Anne Boleyn. But when his nephew injures a noble's son, old wounds are opened and he is given the choice, execute his nephew or commit treason.  

Reached Quarter Finals of London International Screenwriting Competition, final to be judged later.

Also  Creative World Awards 2022 Preliminary Finalist to be judged later.

The Siren's Song

The Sirens of antiquity lured seafarers to their doom. In 1821, an adventurer in the fight for Greek independence is similarly lured for his uncertain fate. 

Port Visit

Most seafarers enjoy a visit to their home port. For this submariner, he finds out the truth about his wife.

Silent ​Pay Back

A short Silent and Black & White film.

Teenage Danny is bullied in 1900s New York but with hard work he gets his own back. 

New Broom

A short film about a conflict of wills between an experienced seafarer and a vain elitist who treats those below him as peasants and how brains can beat bullsh*t every time.