Video Samples​

A Mind 4 Cricket 

This book is a fully comprehensive guide to mental training for cricketers. It covers subjects as belief, self-awareness, self-criticism, anger control and much more. Cricketers keen to improve their potential can find answers within this book.

Soccer Mind 

Most players develop their physical skills yet do not develop their mental skills. Results in performance depend on using your mind effectively. This book is writen for players at all levels to help them make a leap forward with soccer performance.

Jim's Beach

A friend's beach near Elea in Lakonia with agricultural land. Filmed on Hi8.

Oriana at Southampton

P & O's Oriana filmed on Hi8 arriving from Marchwood side and leaving filmed from Southampton Docks.

Venitian Arrival

Arrival at Venice on ferry from Patras. Filmed on Hi8 and photos from 35mm film. 

River of Light

The River of Light Festival at the Albert Dock, Liverpool.